Thursday, January 24, 2013

first fabric find

well, nearly got through the month without bringing home any new fabric.....nearly.   was cruising around on ebay and found these FQs at a good price.  always drawn in by paisley fabrics and anything blue as well.  i bid on several other items but got outbid quickly beyond what i felt was a good deal.  **** today is "love your local quilt shop" day and i simply cannot choose just one.  it isn't like there is one closest...that would be marden's....and while there are good deals there, they don't always have what i want or need.  while it's true i sometimes order online, often it IS from a local quilt shop.  this is maine and often it's a trek to get there, so shipping is the economical method.  ****  not exactly enjoying the frigid weather, but at least the roads are dry and clear.  am living in my warmest clothes and sleeping snug under my quilts.  that said, i'm off to put the wool socks and fleece pants on!


  1. Good finds! I especially like the way that yellow pops against the blues. It was minus 4 F here this morning and it's finally cool enough for me. I'm no longer complaining about the humidity, LOL!

  2. It is fun to sometimes sneak in a good buy from the internet and have that little package come to your door.
    I had plans to go to some quilt shops today, but awoke to freezing rain. The roads are a sheet of ice. Wish things were "dry and clear" here. Maybe if it warms up later I'll venture out. : )

  3. Lovely. I have been doing too much online buying and should go out to the local stores. But just can't bring myself to go out in that cold air. Plus I spent too much on that Thomas fabric, i need to work some more shifts to afford my fabrics.