Sunday, January 13, 2013

the neatest thing!

found this pattern free online for an earbud case and except for buying the zipper, it was totally free!  keeps those pesky earbuds from tangling up when loose in the purse or tote bag.  **** sitting here listening to the foghorns blowing their mournful tones.  it's very foggy and warm, an extension of the january thaw. 


  1. this is so cute I could use one of those for my camera cords or phone cords when I am traveling.
    I hate zippers though :)
    you should make a few for gifts I bet they would be well received next year for the holidays.


  2. I bet that little case would come in handy for many things--even if you don't use earbuds, though my friend did just gift me some snazzy ones shaped like matreshka dolls (to go along with my doll collection).