Sunday, January 6, 2013

staring at the stash...

and wondering if i should start another project to try and bust more.  this is my view climbing in and out of bed every day, which explains why the UFO list is so long this year (for me), now at 35...yes, i found another.  i really want to play in the stash each and every day, but have to force myself to tackle UFOs instead.  with much fortitude, have managed to avoid all fabric sales e-mails, magazines, books and blogs with BOMs in order to keep to my objective of busting my own stash and UFOs but it hasn't been easy.  and (gulp) today is only the 6th of will i ever survive the whole month?  hopefully this view will help.  this one and the even bigger view on the other side of the room. 


  1. Hope you can hang in there working on UFOs...because I need to do the same. Yes, I finished two UFOs this week. And I have made one babystep toward reorganizing my stash. BUT when I was doing that, I was tempted to start TWO different projects that would help use up some stash. No, no I keep saying to myself. I can use up some stash by making the backings for the UFO from myu less favorite fabrics. Help me to keep remembering that!

  2. Good luck with your resolve, Grace. I do plan to bust a few UFOs, but there are some new quilts in my plan as well. I don't think I could come up with 35 UFOs no matter how deeply I were to dig. Now I'm curious--I'll have to count them up. : )