Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a quilting gold mine

pulled out my HUGE stash of QNM and find that these old magazines are worth their weight in gold.  for example, found this article on a younger jo morton with patterns of some cute little fantastic is that?   my stack dates back to 1990 and i've been leafing thru them the past few days basking in the story of quilting over the past 20+ years.  plenty of technique lessons, articles by quilt teachers who are at the top of their game today and those photos to match......people like gwen marston, carol doak, jinny beyer plus those no longer alive like virginia avery, bonnie leman, pat campbell, doreen speckman and others.  back then i wasn't "into" civil war reproductions and was surprised to find many quilts and patterns that i can use for my newly acquired collection of fabrics.  some quilters don't like the magazine today, but even though it has morphed into a more modern resource, the inspiration it provides is priceless to me.  i "flung" 2 years of issues and need to fling more, but it'll be difficult finding ones i can easily let go.  yeah, it's THAT good....


  1. A literal treasure trove, you've struck a vein of gold my friend!! :)

  2. Wow, I wouldn't have known that was Jo Morton. Looks like you do have a treasure, Grace. I've never taken that mag (well, I've never taken any quilt mag), so I am not familiar with the contents, but I do hear people's opinions at times and there does seem to be a love/hate thing going on.
    How hard to part with any!