Tuesday, December 18, 2012

this christmas?

as in, will this project be done for this christmas?  nope, not at all, but perhaps next.  this is gail pan's design called "christmas wishes" that was offered free on the internet some time ago.  it got put aside until now.  there are 9 blocks in all and it will go in with my other wallhangings of the month.  the pattern called for red but since i'm not really a red person, i opted for the green...i believe this is a moda "grace" fabric....and a bit of a change from the traditional red/green combo.  **** yippee, it's raining here today meaning bye bye snow.  we didn't get much so it was tolerable but none is even better.  i was home from work monday with a sore throat, congestion and cough so no real sewing, but i did start binding the christmas scrappy quilt inbetween naps and OJ.  *** is christmas really one week from today?  can't possibly be but it is i know.  we are really enjoying our tree this year, small but totally adorned with all those ornaments from years gone by plus the new little patchwork pinwheels!

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