Wednesday, December 5, 2012

handwork project

no, not ANOTHER new project, rather one that has been in the works for some time.  since it's being hand sewn, not enough progress to show until now.  this is a gift quilt that will have alternating pieced and blank squares...for the quilting of course!   and since i am trying to use up some of the cherrywood scraps, there is the occasional un-matchy piece included (see purple square).  *** though many think maine is such an idyllic place (mostly tourists or those who have only seen the LL Bean commercials), for me it has been like living under a ladder, with a black cat or broken mirrors nearly every day.  what with too much healthcare that has bordered on benign neglect and hordes of indifferent, indignant healthcare employers, plus the feeling of general imprisonment, it is hardly vacationland to me.  true, it is a beautiful place but when i lived in the city, though i was often alone, i never felt as lonely and isolated as i do here.  it's because i was home, you know, and now i'm not.  whether or not it will be my home again is anyone's guess, or maybe i will find a new home.  i know, though, it won't be maine.   stay tuned.... 

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful Churn Dash blocks, Grace. I like the "un-matchy" pieces! That gives it personality.
    I'm sorry you are not happy where you are. You make it sound as though change is imminent. You have me curious.