Tuesday, October 30, 2012

last one, i promise....

fabric photo, that is.  picked this up at a shop where the owner offered our group a special price on selected FQ bundles.  i chose this one because it had the largest number of FQs....25....and because it included some "mod" fabrics that i've seen used and wanted to try.  there are some repeats but no matter, i've got some ideas for some of them already and whatever i don't use will get chopped up into squares or bricks.  remember, if it's still ugly, it hasn't been cut small enough! **** we sailed through sandy with no damage at all and only a flicker of the electricity.  so many of my friends were in harm's way and at the least have no power this morning.  also thinking of my own dear children in maryland this morning.  and my biggest problem so far was that i had to cook my own breakfast for a change.  i do feel blessed and pray for those who are facing challenges today.  

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  1. Glad all is well with you, Grace. Just got off the phone with DD in NH. Strong winds, heavy rain and power flickered, but nothing more. So grateful!