Saturday, October 6, 2012


i almost think october is my very favorite month.  this month on my calendar is work by kim diehl, someone whose applique work i greatly admire.  so much so, that next year's calendar IS a kim diehl calendar.  it's a worthy example to which i aspire each and every time i sit down to applique.  ***  cool and sunny here today after an unsettled, rainy and cloudy week.  more quilting on the pinwheel as well as a final must do list for the month.  it is a real fall day, the kind everyone thinks of when fall is mentioned.  *** off to run a couple of quick errands this morning and then back to quilting the pinwheel!   


  1. I'm enjoying the cooler weather, too! Your baskets look so precious and pretty!

  2. I love Kim Diehl's stuff. Apparently she just lives a couple of hours North of me, but I have never met her. Wish a LQS would bring her in for a trunk show/lecture or a class.

  3. I had the pleasure of taking one of her classes and attending a trunk show/lecture a while back and loved it! I was looking at your "countdown" to retreat and wow you are in the final stretch, wishing you a wonderful and productive time!