Monday, September 17, 2012

away they go!

all done and headed for the swap hostess, these 5 little baggies of stars made with jo morton fabrics.  since being, shall i say "indoctrinated" or "exposed" to jo morton's fabulous fabric lines a little more than a year ago, i've jumped into the civil war repro movement with both feet right up to my neck.  there is something about this fabric style that tweaks the strands in my prairie woman DNA, although i don't think any of my ancestors got anywhere near the prairie.  mostly they are here in new england in extreme rural and even unsettled areas.  my great-great grandfather was at appomattox when lee surrendered, but he came back to new england.  anyway, this swap is history; now to wait for the returns....i can't wait!  and would you believe, snow in new england this weekend? 

1 comment:

  1. Jo Morton fabrics seem to call out to me from the store shelves. I don't go looking for designer fabrics, but when something catches my eye in the CW section, it more often than not turns out to be hers.
    Snow this weekend?!? Yikes! I thought it was odd enough that we had two mornings of frost last week.