Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one is done

one down, 11 to go.  this measures about 3.75" across, so not THAT tiny but still small enough for a small quilt.  i just couldn't make them any smaller due to the, ahem, aforementioned fingers.  and i still find them boring to do, sorry but i do.  quite certain i could never make any bed size quilt with them, but i was entertaining the idea of a vintage-y christmas stocking....for someday maybe.  yesterday i also worked on the ocean waves units too.  **** the weather gods are smiling on us this week; warm, sunny, dry, perfect weather!  great for sleeping and just about anything else except singing in the rain!  and july nearly half did that happen? 


  1. Hexies are on my quilting "bucket list" as are Dresden plates, just not near the top. Enjoy the day, blueberry picking is on my agenda today!


  2. Is this going to be CW fabrics exclusively?