Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the second may finish

it's a christmas tablerunner from a class taught by sally schneider a few years ago at the gathering in nashua, nh.  and if you look close, you'll see 2 different greens.  i ran out of one and had to buy more which naturally didn't match.  no matter, this is for me and no quilt police live here nor do they even visit...LOL!  **** now that i've avoided the queen's list in the stashbuster group, i can focus on the next quilting project, the amish pinwheel.  i've a way to go to finish it, but if the cool and damp weather continues, it'll be cozy to quilt on a large piece.  **** was at joann's the other day but aside from a few red tag half yards, only got upholstery fabric and the foam/piping to cover my ottoman.  i got it free at a "sidewalk sale" and the items to redo only cost $55; the new ottoman that comes with the chair is $159, so that is a pretty good savings.  it's a futon chair that opens up into a twin later on. 


  1. What a pretty Christmas piece! And I admire your New England make-do ethic with the ottoman. I do not slip-cover or reupholster so I am awed by those that do!

  2. I echo Vic. I have a friend that recovers furniture and I have shopped for upholstery fabric with her and then watched what she does with it. I, too, stand in awe.
    The "different" greens don't seem to be obvious enough to ruin the charm of the tablerunner. : )