Saturday, May 26, 2012

just takes 2 progress

ok, so 2 of them are easy peasy; no matter, it's 4 more that are done, done, done!  i'm still far behind but this is a long-term project so one of these days no doubt i'll sit down for a day or two and maybe get caught up?  **** in the meantime, i'm just about done with a christmas tablerunner UFO, just the binding to be done.  i also finished a pincushion started for myself some time ago, a rather large hexagon with embroidery....will post the photo later.  ****  it's a hot summer day and i'm finishing up laundry and other misc chores.  yesterday we got our beach pass for the summer, so we are good to go anytime we want.  it isn't that there aren't free beaches in the area--plenty, but ours has a bath house, snack bar, outside shower and great parking, worth way more than the piddling amount we paid. 

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  1. Congrats on your progress, Grace. Even if you aren't "all caught up", progress is good. The blocks look great--love that big one.
    My daughter just arrived at her new place in Meredith, NH today, 5 miles from Keepsake Quilting. Have you ever been there? Is it far from you?