Tuesday, October 23, 2012

i'm heeere!

no photos, way too tired tonight.  it was a very long day partly due to a very short night.  just too excited to sleep, i guess.  anyway, after stopping for a few "eye rests" not to mention some slow traffic areas and rain, i finally arrived.  have a case of nearly terminal white line fever, so no sewing tonight.  instead, had my shower, in my jammies and de-stressing with an oh-so comfy bed and pillows....also rehydrating as i tend not to drink much on long trips for, ahem, obvious reasons. i stopped at one convenience store today in a terrible rush and was horrified to find it occupied.  it was a tense moment and the clerk even asked me if i had to go THAT bad...i said i did because, well, i did.  a gen-x-er guy of course!  finally averted a near liquid disaster.  anyway, watch this space!

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