Friday, September 28, 2012

seeing red

up bright and early this AM and first thing?  why, get out those reds for an upcoming swap!  so very many from which to choose, perhaps a bit of each one will be included.  some are christmas prints, some are leftovers from the north wind project and the rest are civil war repros.  don't they look cheerful?  ***** still in afterglow from a delicious day yesterday.  on tap for today is some R&R, some quilting, a few errands and not much else.  i am going to try my hand at some green tomato pickles, though.  it's a condiment i grew up with but have never made myself.  they are delish on burgers or as a side.  ***** now off to get breakfast and start the rest of the day!


  1. Some scrumptious reds there, Grace. Sounds like you have a nice day ahead of you.
    And thank you for removing word verification! : )

  2. Grace, I am finally back to quilting, and I have caught up with the last month of your blog. Eye problems are a real bummer! I now have the macular degeneration injections every four weeks in both eyes. The dilation plus the injection mean about 6 hours of recovery....NAP and then eveything looks like I'm underwater for the rest of the time. BUT, it's only one day, so why complain?

    Wiull be watching how your retreat goes for you.