Friday, April 17, 2015

since you asked....

this is what i have been keeping occupied with (some of the time) while marooned here on homeless island.   this is my counted cross-stitch christmas stocking. had been wanting to do a sampler AND a christmas stocking, so combined the two with this project.  no deadline; it gets done when it gets done.  also have my little busy box of solid little bow ties.  thought i had packed these items in a box but actually tucked them away in my suitcase, so do have a couple of handwork options (found them, denise!) while the quilty stuff is in storage (AGAIN!!!!)....i do have the girls here with me but useless without the stash and notions.  while grateful to have a safe place to crash, it is way far from ideal or even where i should be right now....which is in my own apartment....but in between venting and being angry, am enjoying a few creature comforts.  *** and the giveaway IS coming....should be in a day or two so keep watch!   meanwhile, pray for me that my situation gets fixed immediately if not way beyond weary of what many enjoy, a place of my own to live and to be safe and cozy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015