Monday, November 2, 2015

just another manic monday....

well really too early to say but it IS monday, it's on the warm side for november, and another exciting week ahead for lots of (hopefully) sewing dance card is filled for today already!  just last week another delightful package arrived in the mail from a sharing quilter.  here is most of it, the smallest pieces didn't go in the wash as my laundry bag is elsewhere at the moment.  i do like to wash/dry everything before it goes into the stash.  it may have been washed already, i don't know, but another swim won't hurt....

some new prints for the stash and some i've seen before.  no matter, it was a kind gesture and one that is gratefully accepted.  ***  nothing else new in lobsterville except windy, whirling leaves and a rainy weekend now over.   the holiday rush is on, though for us it is a mild flurry with a small family for whom to plan dinners and gifts.  doesn't matter, the excitement of the season is for everyone!


  1. Gorgeous fabrics! What a kind gesture from a fellow quilter.

  2. The weather has been so mild here that I am totally unprepared to face the fact that it is already November. But I do love the holiday atmosphere. : )

  3. Still very warm here especially for November (leaves still on trees) going to be a late garden clean up. Beautiful fabrics--I recognize some Jo Morton in that stack

  4. Great fabrics and I'm glad that you found your hoop for quilting, too!


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