Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"granny" redo and latest blocks

my "granny" block had a rough edge that would have been hidden in the seam allowance, but as it turns out, the foundations were printed too large so it got a redo and no more rough edge! 

that's "granny" lower right, on the left is "addie" and top right is "jenny"....got to use some of my newly gifted fabrics...and so up to date on these.  good thing, tomorrow is "stars" day.  have started binding the mod spools that's been named "variegated threads," and the little HST project is ready for a border, thinking a poison green here as it's a color not used often.  more hexies got prepped too.  many more ideas swirling around, but for now these are keeping my sewing muse quiescent.  and 58 days to the 365 challenge that is getting more and more thought, mostly regarding colors, values, etc.  *** other than that, it was a lovely warm and sunny day, just right for some yummy scallops at lunch.  now back to the old viking and more stitching fun!


  1. Love those fabric combinations, Grace.
    Warm sunny day and scallop lunch--sounds delightful! : )

  2. Love those blocks! Oh my, you've got me drooling at the idea of scallops for lunch.


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