Thursday, October 15, 2015

thursday's stars...

the latest batch of completed 2 are cadet blue, bottom left is a chocolate/blue combo and bottom right is my version of celestial using what looks like crescent moon fabric.  don't have the iron with me so they aren't yet pressed but they are done.   also finished is the "belle" block for the FWS with "coral" posted yesterday and waiting to be done.  the hexies are coming along nicely; last night once again prepped papers and fabrics for more hexie sewing fun.  *** enjoying a gorgeous autumn foliage fest here in new england.....bonnie and vic have posted beautiful pix and it is just exactly like that. it's the only time of year where the interstate is fun to drive.  temps are cooling after a few days of nice warmth.....predict more sewing in the cold days ahead!


  1. Good job keeping up with the stars.
    Your Fall colors seem very vivid this year--even more than the two times I have experienced New England in the Fall. Had planned to be there this week, once upon a time, but plans change.
    Enjoy your sewing and cooler weather! : )

  2. Your stars are quite wonderful, and I Iove that good celestial with the crescent moons!

  3. Beautiful stars. Our weather is suppose to take a dip this weekend and I think it will make for great quilting weather--hope to work on some stars of my own!


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