Tuesday, October 13, 2015

then there were 2....

and pretty soon 3...wow, they DO work up pretty quickly.   my busy box needs more papers, so that is tonight's task. 

and i can see there is a tad of a learning curve, being that the papers MUST all be the exact same size, which is not the case for the 2nd rosette.  i left it, chalking it up to experience and giving it that authentic pioneer scrappy look.  it is hardly noticeable, tho....and did i say this was going to be a small version of this beauty?  like the hawaiian technique, could get carried away and keep  on going until whenever.  ***  next few days will be dedicated to block sewing...."belle" for FWS and whatever tomorrow's stars will be...fun quilting but having absolutely NO effect on my humongous UFO list, first being my hawaiian quilt that'll hopefully get done in time for winter.  in the meantime, will keep on keeping on and enjoy the new england fall beauty, which is spectacular! 


  1. Look at you go.
    Nothing about these goes fast for me. : )
    I learned the need for exact sized papers when my Mom gave me a bunch of leftovers she had cut for her quilt. Without a thought, I made a dozen or so flowers from them and THEN I found out that hers were cut just outside the line and mine were cut just ON the line. Live and learn.
    Enjoy your Fall color. Ours is less than stellar this year due to some weather condition or other.

  2. I bit the bullet and purchased pre cut papers so they would all be the same size--it was worth the investment

  3. You sound just like me. When I first started my first EPP project, it was going to just be a very small quilt/wall hanging. I am not sure how big it's actually going to be, but I know it won't be very small ... I enjoyed the process so much that I just kept basting hexies ... so, now I'm putting them all together into a larger quilt/wall hanging. ;-) I didn't trust myself to cut the papers accurately or consistently, so I ordered pre-cut papers. Enjoy your beautiful fall colors ... we're still waiting, although we're starting to get some sneak peeks here and there.

  4. Love the fabrics that you're choosing and thank you for the penny to see the size. Your claret red stars are the bomb!


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