Thursday, October 8, 2015


today was the day to make the caroline block and it's pictured here next to betty and see that yes, those fabrics DO go well together in the block AND will be good for the others too...the light background fabric in "caroline" is one of very few new FQs that have added to the pile....

also today pulled out this little heart project for a bit of revising....had several of the hearts appliqued and some squares trimmed down, but when put together found they were too small so decided to get more of the original squares and make a bit larger wallhanging.  here you see some of those that didn't get trimmed now put together with new blocks waiting for me to unsew the trimmed ones and re-applique. 

also found 12 plaid hearts from the same stash, so put together a 12-block background and these will get appliqued at some point.  lastly, found some claret reds that will use for this week's star blocks.  pretty good amount of sewing fun on this beautiful mid-fall day in the high 60s...we'll take all these we can get!


  1. Nice fabric combos on your blocks.
    I am loving the little hearts. : )

  2. Now I have that song (Sweet Caroline) running through my mind. ;-) Seriously, love your Caroline block and how well it plays with Betty (should I say "how well she plays with Betty"? - ha!). I always love little appliqued heart quilts, and yours is fabulous.


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