Sunday, October 25, 2015


was flipping thru some old photos and it was fun to see my "stuff".  it just isn't true that being "out of sight, out of mind," as i do think of my stuff often.  found this photo and many others of things that haven't been seen for a while...

when i hear the word "stuff," an old sunday sermon comes to mind, subject being "stuff".  given by a missions pastor who traveled extensively to third world countries, he lamented the fact that most people have too much stuff.  compared to many in far-off lands, it is true.  many live day to day without basic requirements to sustain life or without many comforts we take for granted.  material possessions abound for many, and too many have the life goal of acquiring more.  i agree; by those criteria, i also have too much stuff.  not as much as some, but more than many.  and while i've lived since april without most of my stuff, i have been able to sustain life and my basic needs are met, albeit without comfort or convenience.  so, do i feel guilty?  not so much guilty, but certainly appreciative.  i miss my stuff; i miss sifting through it, admiring it, enjoying it, using it.  not as much as i miss family members not here, but--and secret confession here--i don't feel like ME without my usual stuff.  things that were at arm's length are no longer; items that were mindless parts of my daily life have disappeared.  now looking at old photos, i think, "oh yeah, i have that book/pattern/tool/frypan/sweater."  will my life go on?  it does anyway, but will be nice to have my stuff back with me again.  won't replace loved ones who have passed or those who live far away and are dearly missed, but life will seem somewhat normal again. 


  1. A dear friend of mine named Ralph commented to me upon what lousy security I keep here. I told him that maybe thieves have come and robbed me already, but I didn't miss the stuff, LOL! Still, I must have my dear old battered Tupperware coffee cup or my morning is miserable without it.

    1. :) it's silly on the grand scheme of things, but yes, i do miss the stuff!

  2. I am so hoping your and your "stuff" can be reunited very soon!

  3. Grace, I have had and still do have things in storage. It's hard! Fortunately, now my fabric is only a mile away. I visit frequently. Am thinking about putting a table and chair in the storage locker. It's nice, indoors, no one would look for me there!


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