Saturday, October 10, 2015

seeing red, er claret

thanks to a recent pile of CW nickels received in swap, was able to find lots of pretty claret reds for this week's star blocks.  this is a really pretty color, i think, and the blocks are some of my faves.  the nickel squares require using 2-3 to get all the necessary pieces for one star but i think ms brackman would approve, and i see that this makes them more interesting.  with limited stash at hand, am working a la pioneer quilter having to make do and improvise--the spirit of the swap's mantra perhaps.  ***  it's another weekend here in lobsterville, filled with busyness of late fairs and winter prep.  woodpiles are growing and pumpkins abound.  not quite peak foliage here near the coast but far western maine is.  and report of snow in VT are ominous, even tho early.  the pine trees are loaded with cones, which is one sign of a harsh winter ahead.  from here on in, any day without snow is a good day.  snowbound quilting days ahead i do believe....


  1. I love your stars! I do believe that the claret reds are a favorite shade of red. I still have my head in the sand regarding winter weather. ;-)

  2. Love your stars, woodpile in my back yard, my "reward" for stacking you ask, guilt free time in my sewing room, LOL! If we get a second pile delivered I may have to request a trip to Cyndi's as a reward! Enjoy you weekend Grace.

  3. Those are very pretty stars, Grace.
    If I knew what fabrics you would need for future stars, I would send them your way. But you are making "make-do" look very good!

  4. thanks janet but for right now am set and also it's forcing me to scour my stash to see what can be used...


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