Friday, October 16, 2015

old man no more....

on such a fine day--sunny, warmish, slight breeze--ventured west to new hampshire to visit the former home of the old man of the mountain.   sadly, his face fell off some years back, but the mountain remains albeit a tad altered.  this is a zoom photo of said mountain straight ahead at 12 o'clock and the vibrant foliage colors around (photo a bit too bright from reality).  it was a leisurely, all day drive through little towns similarly adorned.  a cheapo lunch at subway on the patio--yes, it was THAT warm--and moseyed back to maine.   with snow predicted for the northern maine mountains any day, probably the old man will get hit by a month's time.  the marigolds have breathed their last, so summer is really done.  every good day from now on is a gift, in fact, every DAY is a gift, but better without snow. 

more hexies in the works--yowza!  they work up quickly...and a coral block to sew up today.  it's another good day AND a sunny, warmish one besides.  great day to sew, doncha know!


  1. What a pleasant Fall day for you.
    I've been to that faceless mountain. Too bad that NH icon is no more.
    Hexies--quickly? I never use those two words in the same sentence (until now). : )

  2. The color is glorious up there right now, so happy that you had a day out to enjoy just that!


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