Friday, October 23, 2015

not quite black/neon...

once again, thanks to the civil war nickels received in a recent swap, found a couple of blacks with sorta bright colors that will have to do for neons this week.  nothing else in the stash comes close and trying not to buy for this sew along if it can be avoided.

also found in the nickels was another celestial....arcs of tiny that'll be the 3rd for this week.  spent a bit of time chronicling my star photos in a separate page in this blog and amazed to see how many have finished since january.  i think this sew along wraps up by the new year, just when the 365 challenge starts, so with 10 more weeks or so, another 30-ish will be added.  have really learned a lot about printed fabric so far.  this gets me caught up on both sew along blocks for the weekend.  not much else of interest here in lobsterville.  looking forward to another spectacular autumn weekend and the waning foliage show....


  1. They look great to me. I LOVE neons so I have quite a hoard if you ever need any!

  2. I know you are working from limited stash on hand, but it seems to me that you always come up with great stars. I need to go check out your stars page!

  3. Very nice, Grace. I read you everyday- I just don't comment much.

    Keep on keeping on!

  4. I have accepted a challenge from a friend which is to complete (gulp) oldest WIP. Mine is a star quilt and I hope to give it major attention this weekend while listening to football and DYI

  5. Your neons look wonderful to me and so do your other sew along blocks. The zuke bread looks delicious!


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