Tuesday, October 20, 2015

not quilt related....

the USPS has no sympathy from me.  quite frankly, pony express was probably much more efficient than what we have currently.  i had a PO box which i gave up--given my current state of temporary location, plus it was pricey--and forwarded my mail to general delivery, which is kept in a cabinet a mere 12 feet away.   so where is my mail?  well, it comes to the post office and instead of going to the aforementioned cabinet, gets sent to NEW JERSEY?????  yes, folks, have been informed that all forwarded mail goes directly to NEW JERSEY no matter what state one forwards mail from/to.   that is the central forwarding facility location.  so the question as to why the PO is in dire financial straits is partly explained by this ridiculous, convoluted system, one function--excuse me "service"--that our national postal system provides at no cost to the taxpayer i might add.  if you believe that, then i have a bridge to sell you, also located (no coincidence) in NEW JERSEY!!!!   so, no magazines, no flyers, no junk mail (not missed), no catalogs for nearly a month, just 2-3 letters, 2 that were sent from here in maine and apparently did not get the trip to NEW JERSEY as they arrived in less than a week to me personally.  so the next time you go into any post office to buy cute little stamps, mail a letter or pick up a package, take a look around and see what you are getting for your postage dollars....and pray that you never need their forwarding service.   i'm not mad or angry, just totally confused as to who thought up this system and why it has continued so long despite not really working very well.  ***   aside from my unproductive trip to the post office today, hoping to catch up with FWS blocks and do some other fun sewing, plus some just plain R&R time on another soon-to-be nice autumn day.  keep calm and keep quilting!


  1. Hard to believe and utterly ridiculous Grace.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Sounds extremely frustrating, hope you are able to get is straightened out.


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