Wednesday, October 28, 2015

my "granny"

it's block #41 called "granny" and it's ready to join the stack....

one of the pieces was from the edge but will be taken up in the seam allowance....of course, i could measure and cut the pieces to size but it's fuzzy math and have often cut the pieces too small, resulting in waste so just eyeball which seems to work ok...*** a super fine day and since foliage is on the wane, decided to go pumpkin peeping instead.  the town of damariscotta has a HUGE pumpkin fest every year.  the giant size gourds are hollowed out and then fashioned into flotation devices and a race is held on the river.  all around town are lots more decorated and fun to see....

have more that will post another day; end with a shot of the harbor that is so picturesque, much like many other little coastal inlets.   they may be tourist destinations, but are also working fishing villages.  enjoy!


  1. Don't you just love those pumpkins? They are so much fun! I was born in Damariscotta so I agree that it is a beautiful little town!

  2. Good looking block! I enjoyed seeing the super big pumpkins all painted up and my personal favorite was "Grandma", LOL! The fishing village photo looks like a painting, so pretty!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures of the pumpkins and harbor. Looks beautiful!

  4. The pumpkins are so fun--and I love the shot of the harbor!
    That red fabric is great. I have a few bits of it somewhere and it always makes me smile.


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