Saturday, October 17, 2015

honest to pete...

these little hexies DO work up pretty fast....have spent very little time yet here are almost 6 rosettes done.  easy to see that a large quilt is pretty possible if one has large amounts of dedicated time to hand sew. 

today more papers will get cut up; confess to pulling magazine cards in the store and tucking them into my purse...could have purchased them all die cut but am perfectly capable of doing my own and it does save the cash of course....and don't you love this photo?  it's a favorite place, pemaquid point, taken by somebody else, already on the computer from someplace, looks like early fall at nearly dusk.....gorgeous!

and today's list?  includes sewing down the little hearts that have been basted in their final configuration, more papers for hexies of course, maybe the "coral" block....and just might pull out the mod spools, get that marked and start nice to have a finish of some sort.  over at stashbusters, am again paying a FQ penalty for no finish this quarter...thankfully the stash can spare another off to spend another glorious day!


  1. I can see that something is wrong with my hexie sewing technique. It takes me SO long and I get bored after a while because I make so little progress. If we ever meet up again, you need to demo your method for me!
    That is a gorgeous shot. Love the golden glow of the autumn eve. Did get to that lighthouse. I need to look it up and see how far away we were.

  2. Such pretty rosettes and so fast, too! Killer frost is tonight here so I transplanted my pygmy marigolds to houseplant pots for cheer this winter.

  3. Those rosettes are gorgeous. Do you have some secret for how quickly you can stitch them together? I love EPP but it really does take time. If there's a way to speed things up, I'd love it!

    1. i just cut my fabric a bit larger, end up with seam allowance more than 1/4 but i don't care, makes it so much simpler and works for me...


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