Sunday, October 18, 2015


it was miss t. in the living room with the rotary cutter....she murdered a FQ of a gorgeous "baltimore beauties" neutral.   other scraps were also similarly mutilated on this low-key sunday where yes, we also saw a few minutes' worth of snow flurries.  hoping elly sinkiewicz understands.....

also sent to an early demise was the last zuke in the drawer for some delish zucchini bread that i bake in a rectangle.  with spices, nuts and raisins it makes a tasty autumn treat, especially toasted with butter for breakfast or anytime really.   half will get frozen for another day when the cooking bug is hibernating.

these days don't bake an awful lot but there are some things that are traditional, like this.  but that may change when this book arrives....

every time i watch anthony bourdain in an asian country slurping a soup dumpling or noshing on various bao, i want to try them.  hoping this will prove to be an excellent guide book for my own versions.  i already have gordon ramsay's book with his sticky rib recipe that is on my must try back to relaxation with hexies, waiting for PBS dramas to start...i love sunday nights!


  1. Well, you have piqued my curiosity with your fabric cutting, made my mouth water with your baking, and made me interested in getting a new cookbook. : )

  2. love reading your blog;would you share your zucchini bread recipe?
    And hope things work out for you before the snow swirls.
    Janet H.

  3. send me your email and be glad to....i'm at


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