Monday, September 7, 2015

tropical storm grace?

like the meteorological version, my own self had a bit of a stormy start yesterday but soon downgraded and fair skies prevailed....finished up this flimsy of mod spools with a narrow pale yellow inner border and then short piano keys.  when it gets bound, again with pale yellow, i'll round the corners, giving them a fan shape that i think will soften all the angles.

then i sailed right into another project that has been mulling around in my's from a Quiltmaker mag, issue--4 applique blocks and 5 patchwork blocks, made with gifted fabric, tentatively titled "midnight garden" but that's not another day....

meanwhile, with oppressive summer weather here for a few days and the a/c cranked high, figured might  pull out the hawaiian and see how much can get done.  the binding has been ready and was wisely packed with the project; doubt it will get to the binding stage but remains to be seen....

and guess it's progress on the housing front...past couple of weeks, contact has been steady so soon maybe?  can always the meantime, chunky little fingers will keep busy with fabric and stuff....keep cool!


  1. As I read, I can hear your voice in my mind, and I had to chuckle a time or two at your wit.
    Your yellow border is a nice touch, and I love the idea of the rounded corners to create fans.
    Such good news that housing may be imminent!

  2. How very pretty - the colors are so nice!

  3. Sweet little modern spools quilt! It is so bright and happy looking, good job to do those piano keys for the border.
    Praying that you'll not need to spend another Maine winter!

  4. Love your modern spools!! Also glad to hear you are having correspondence with the housing thing.

    1. me too....gotta come to something eventually....

  5. I love this little quilt. Just gorgeous, Grace, so cheery and happy!

  6. Your quilt is lovely, such a nice way to use your scraps!


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