Sunday, September 27, 2015

the jingle goes....

i shoulda bought it when i saw it at marden's....and yes, they play it while you are IN the store, naturally, but no jingle was needed to entice me for these....

the flannel i bought is the top portion...a red rooster quilter's weight flannel....$2 per yard and only 2 yards left so they are mine now....and the bottom is a fat eighth packet, 10 of 'em in these gorgeous bright colors for $4.49 I think...or $4.99?  either way a good deal.  it's quality, tightly woven fabric too...already have plans for these cuts....there was another packet of different fabrics in KNOW how i feel about turquoise....but i liked the gray/lime/oranges in this DOES make my heart beat faster!    vic emailed me to let me know she was going to marden's saturday, so anxious to see her haul.  ***  frost on the ground this AM so that means end of our veggie season not far off.  the woodpiles are high and the days are shorter; aura of busy prep for the coming cold season is everywhere.  still good days ahead, just closer to *SNOW* and soups on the back burner.  time to quilt!


  1. I love the colors...........l may be guilty of purchasing a few pieces at Marden's recently even though I have vowed to use up my stash i couldn't resist!

    1. i shopped my stash for the entire farmer's sew along so i felt entitled....LOL

    2. I love how you use up every thread of your fabric!

  2. Haah! A gorgeous haul that you got there, good for you! A little stash enhancement is always good for perking up your sewing soul.

  3. Wonderful haul! I especially love that fabric with the numbers!

  4. Some really happy fabric finds.
    That is a sneaky bit of propaganda to play that jingle as you shop. : )


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