Sunday, September 20, 2015

remember this?

have only been awake for just over an hour and already my fingers are itching to sew and this is the wonderful instigator....

if you recall, someone had gifted me with this book recently by jen kingwell, an aussie designer, with so many terrific patterns.  well, jen is also the designer for this smashing quilt...."midnight at the oasis".....

oh yesssss!   this is definitely a must do for me? will i ever? maybe....this is all bonnie hunter's fault you know...i lay the blame entirely at her feet....before bonnie i was a dyed-in-the-wool, traditional quilter with a strong rigid sense of matchy-matchy and coloring ALWAYS inside the lines....then i met up with the queen of quiltville and the rest, well it was a fast, slippery slope into scrap mania and anything goes.  she tapped--rather smashed--into my love of color and i was a goner.  if you know bonnie, then you know what a wild and crazy fun-filled, fabric-filled ride it has been so far with no end in sight, and who would want to stop?  not me, oh no...i am in it for the long haul.  so what day is this anyway?  who cares, as long as it's a sewing day!    


  1. Sew, Grace, sew! And let me know if you need any fabrics, LOL!

  2. impossible to do something like this when you are homeless....lucky i get to sew at all in the current chaotic mess my life is like...

  3. The polka dot fabric makes it look even more difficult than it really is...pretty one though..have fun in your scrap pile!

  4. Oooh, how delicious! You go, Grace!

  5. Terrific to see you so excited about this possibility Grace. I'm not a Jen Kingwell fan, although I'm very much a Bonnie fan. When I started quiltmaking in 1991, I had the good fortune to join a local quilting group that seemed to have a particular focus on scrap quilts, so they've always seemed 'normal' and 'natural' to me. I've never been one for matchy-matchy. If/when you make a start on this project, I do hope you'll keep us posted with regular updates. And I'm also looking forward to hearing that your magnificent Hawaiian is moving closer to a finish - although I guess that it might be one that's had to have been packed away until your relocation.

    Sydney, Australia

    1. true megan, had to pack it away as no place to sit comfortably and quilt..current digs in cellar too so not the cleanest place for a huge white


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