Monday, September 28, 2015

off and running!

the farmer's wife sew-along has started....actually last evening about 6 pm canberra time....and have patiently and obediently waited until the official start to make my first block.  here is it....done is those gorgeous civil war tones, the first of 99...or maybe 84; doubt i will make all 99 as the quilt would be too large for my needs or personal style.  probably will be a few duds along the way that'll get relegated to the orphan pile so that i end up with 84 good ones.  there are setting triangles as these will be set on point; i do have some black in the stash but remains to be decided definitively.....anyway, now to get caught up on the stars before wednesday....

again, the camera angle and remaining papers make it look a tad wonky but it is fine....*** now off to find my jacket with the fleece lining...yes, it is THAT chilly here.  got new shoes just in time to put aside the sandals for another year. 


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous block! I can't wait to see more.

    Flip flops for another day or two here, then shoes and socks.

  2. Mmmm, scrumptious colors. I can sense the excitement of the long anticipated FWSAL finally beginning! : )

  3. Nice block...I just set my blocks on point with some directional blocks...That's when a Design wall comes in handy. which I don't have...much easier if you have one..good luck & have fun with this Sal.

  4. Nice block.....keep posting them it will help keep me motivated! Hoping to hanker down in my sewing room while it rains, haven't decided if I will use CW repros or 30's fabric for the FW such big decisions.


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