Saturday, September 26, 2015

little finish

not the greatest photo but a finish nonetheless....this will hang in my sewing space when that is available...the heart block was a gift and then i added to it using some of my inchies and a very pretty dark purple paisley for the border.  the border is difficult to see because of the rug surrounding--photo taken in a chair.  no sewing today but will continue on with the previous to-do list tomorrow, i hope.  aside from that, nothing new here in lobsterville excepting the weather change and the declining hours of daylight....


  1. Gorgeous!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Very cute, Grace. Has kind of a Kim Diehl feel to me, though I am not sure why. : )

    1. that is what i was sorta going for......thanks!

  3. What a wonderful little quilt! A terrific table topper I'd say, right? As in, no wall for hanging yet?


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