Friday, September 4, 2015

bronze stars

the camera battery was just about done, but did manage to take this of the latest batch of stars...bronze browns, of which i chose 3 from the stash and made one of each.  you'll notice my high class ironing board aka pink towel again in this photo--we quilters are known for our specialized tools...(grin!)...and have also posted a couple of photos from a day trip to pemaquid point.  it is a fine kodak place but more than that, lovely shade trees, picnic tables everywhere, grassy areas and nice restrooms.  and of course, the lighthouse and a small museum on the history of col. pemaquid and the area.  as a youngster, always climbed on the rocky outcroppings but in recent years, am always baffled why people take small children in sandals or flip flops so close to the edge where a rogue wave could pull them in.  was i that casual in similarly dangerous places about my daughter?  i don't recall and i hope not.  definitely not near water as i don't swim; i don't think aqua-aerobics qualify....but hope you enjoy and just maybe if you get real close, you can even smell the salt water...maybe?


  1. Great stars, Grace! Have spent many happy hours at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse ever since my children were little! Was there Last Oct on Columbus Day, a picture-perfect day and it was to be the scene of a wedding for some lucky couple! One of these days (years) I would like to delve into my family history because I think some of it started on Pemaquid Point in 1635 when Ralph Blaisdell was shipwrecked (ship was Gabriel I think)...........Blaisdell is my maiden name.

    1. interesting.....maine state library has for free...and plenty of computers for

  2. Love each of your fabric combos on your stars. Great job.
    Oh, love the coastal scenes. Didn't make it to that spot. : )

  3. Nice looking stars you got there Grace! The coastal scenes are beautiful. Maybe next year will be a trip to Maine for vacation.

  4. Beautiful bronzes and the coastline is always so refreshing! What a great combination to see and enjoy.


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