Thursday, September 10, 2015

all scrapped out....

for the moment that is....had a gallon-size bag half full of pieces that needed cutting up (far right) and got that done today....also got the borders on my summer sampler piece--basting comes next.  also did some prep applique work, i.e.turning under the edges and basting of small pieces for "midnight garden" blocks....all in all a pretty productive day.  with my usual scrap storage pieces somewhere in the bowels of a warehouse, have resorted to plastic bags of various types.

also have baggies for selvedge and the little applique hearts that are yet to be finished.  at least they are organized and ready to transfer to the usual places once they are available.  ***  not much else is new in limbo lobsterville; housing continues to be at some place in the future; hoping i don't go broke here trying to get a subsidized senior apartment....between interview trips, applications, faxes and mailings, it has so far cost me about $1000 and no apartment at hand, which is probably about right for a government program.   will end here to keep my blood pressure from spiking....


  1. There is always so much red tape when dealing with any municipality. It seems like it should come soon now as you've been dealing with it for quite some time now. I'm hoping for you.

  2. I admire that you fill your time with creating and doing, while you wait.
    I keep praying that housing comes for you soon!!


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