Tuesday, September 1, 2015

a little tumble...

took some gifted 2.5" squares and turned them into tiny tumblers...needs more variety but it is a start. already made one little quilt with civil war tumblers but looks like will have another in mod fabrics...oohh i do love the bright colors... a veritable cotton crayola box!  ****   and remember i mentioned red's eats in an earlier post....they have been featured many places for their generous lobster rolls, and it was a fave place of my dear dad for fried clams; can attest that everything they sell is good but for me, not worth the wait.  as you can see, it doesn't deter many tho....this was nearly 2 pm in the afternoon on a friday and the line was like this at 12:30 too....no wonder other seafood shacks have popped up across the street for the impatient and/or starving masses....

to order and pick up food, have to make it all the way up the little hill and around the corner to the window.  this is route 1 in wiscasset, a pretty little town, but the traffic is bumper to bumper all summer long--makes it easier to ogle the masses waiting for food and see other sights in this little village.  and as i said, the food is very good but have a snack before you come....LOL!  *** ay caramba! september already?   did we have summer?  it's another hot week here but seriously, it has been a rainy summer and with a late start as well.  plenty of good days left before the nasty arrives.   and i don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy autumn.....


  1. Tumbler blocks, on my quilt to do list for sure, maybe I will use CW repros, I definitely have plenty of those! Fall is my favorite season, this past summer I worked on getting a lot done so I could truly enjoy the season and not be running around prepping winter.

  2. Fun and pretty tumblers.
    Wow, that place must serve great lobster rolls!

    1. janet,they use meat from a whole chix lobster, meaning tail, claws and knuckles...it isn't mixed rather they serve melted butter or mayo on the side...but fresh lobster is the same wherever you get it...


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