Monday, August 3, 2015

sunday sewing

just 2 little blocks done and yes, the left is a squidge smaller than the right although it looks a LOT smaller in this'll work....there wasn't much more done because of these....

took an afternoon drive along the shore in east boothbay harbor, one of the most beautifully scenic places that isn't a far distance.  no doubt there are other similarly beautiful places along the coast, north and south.   it's a place i visit winter or summer; today being summer there was plenty of traffic, foot and otherwise, on the narrow road.  most of the relaxing vistas are private areas but there are some public....easy to see why it is a favorite stopping place.   taking advantage of my prolonged sojourn here by visiting special places.  anxious to discover new favorite places after the move, no doubt there are plenty both near the water and inland.  tops on my list are civil war battlefields and a crab shack...LOL!


  1. I really like the colors of the two blocks. Good job--sometimes things just come out the size they want to be, don't they? When that happens to me I cut a piece of blank newsprint the size the block is SUPPOSED to be. I center the slightly too small block in the middle and pin it on all four side with very slim pins--away from the seam line. Then when I am sewing blocks together, or adding sashing, the paper's edge serves as my guide for my 1/4" seam. That keeps me aligned properly on all sides of the block without having to remember what adjustment to make where for a "too small" block. Did that make sense?
    Anyway, beautiful vistas. How wise to enjoy them while you can. : )

    1. great tips...i never work with pieces this small...but am happy with the result and it'll go nicely in my wallhanging...

  2. Beautiful blocks and beautiful views! The block on the right has such tiny pieces and so many of them, whew!

  3. I concur with both Janet and Vic in NH - beautiful blocks in great colors. They are really unusual - what is the source or inspiration for them please? I've drafted them from your image, but these are really nice and there may be others where these came from. Janet's tip is really good, I agree!

  4. Glad to read that you're taking time to "smell the roses" while you're still there, BBH is such a pretty place to explore, I know it had to be good for your soul to stretch and revel in the fresh air surrounded by God's beauty. Your gold and red blocks are wonderful... such teeny-tiny pieces, I haven't gotten to that block yet... yikes! Well done, Grace!


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