Sunday, August 23, 2015

sunday creativity

first is the summer sam*ler in *rogress....*ardon the broken * is larger than i had thought because, of course, i ignored the math when starting this little summer sewing fun.  no matter, it will find a home somewhere with somebody; if it is me that is ok too.   this was a really fun summer *roject.  ho*ing to get it done before end of se*tember rolls around and the farmers wife sewalong starts.  as for the stars in a time war*, i ski**ed this weeks faded cottons and none i wanted to bleach out either. 

then, made some lemon zucchini bread.  it calls for a lemon glaze but it is too sweet glazed, so it wont be.  it is very moist and nice for midmorning snack or even a dessert-like cake.   these days i seldom bake a lot, but there are a few things i really like and this is one of them; regular zucchini bread--the s*icy kind--is another.  it was a monsoon-like day here today; in fact, it has been a rainy summer overall but end of week looks very nice.  maybe some birthday lobster is in my future?  remains to be any rate, birthday or not, am very blessed to have another year to claim!   now, on to monday!


  1. I like your blocks set with black.
    Lemon zucchini bread sounds yummy! Wonder if I can find a gluten free recipe for that? I made GF zucchini muffins for dinner today and they turned out delicious!
    Birthday coming? Hope it is a good one!

  2. Hi Grace, I know your birthday is sometime this week (maybe the 28th). Have a happy birthday and I hope you hear on your place near your daughter.


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