Monday, August 31, 2015

over to the NOT dark side!

somewhere in a deep corner of a box are some very nice civil war repro spool blocks waiting patiently for me to add to them.  but my fingers were quivering when i saw the mod charm squares last week and so couldn't resist making these today.  not yet sewn together but just photographed to see how they look together.  the colors are not exactly right but these are definitely NOT civil war fabrics.  bright colors are really fun to sew with and drool over.  this will be a small wallhanging; thinking a narrow white (or maybe aqua? peach? lime?)  border and then maybe some narrow piano keys all around....time to go shopping in the stash again!  and no money good is that?


  1. Always fun to play with some brights for a change, isn't it?
    If you are doing a piano key border I would vote for a white inner border. Nice break and resting place for the eye. But any of the colors you mentioned would work, of course. : )

  2. I knew you would have fun with all those charm squares! Your blocks are darling, Let me know if you need any solids. I have joined one two many "solid bundles" of the month clubs!


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