Tuesday, August 25, 2015

not quite but.....

a sort of birthday surprise arrived in the mailbox.  and yes, a new keyboard is working great!  no more lisp, as lori says....LOL....but here is the haul....gorgeous moda fabric named after me..a layer cake and some stripe yardage; 2 wonderful books that have my fingers itching big time, some precut charms and small squares, some ultra-thin pins for this not-thin-at-all sewist, and the beautiful card with a lovely personal message inside.  totally gobsmacked over this and other surprises that have done much to keep my mojo going and spirits up. 

the charms are deliciously mod and colorful.  the moda "grace" is very vintage looking; in fact, someone had gifted me a jelly roll that i sewed up into a small flimsy, but can use these to make it larger and put on a swanky striped border too!  the books are sooo inspiring with lots of wonderful and new-to-me patterns that have me wanting to sew right now and, in fact, have chosen a couple to do right away after some birthday celebrating of course!  a thousand thanks to one and all, including this special quilty muse, for everything.  rest assured, it will be repaid in kind.  ***  the ugh hazy, hot and humid days are with us temporarily but we carry on as usual. the wait continues but enjoying the garden's bounty and summer activities nevertheless.  *** and would you believe over 1800 people in the farmer's wife sew-along?  i kid you not, over 1800....this is an event of epic global proportion...if only world problems could be solved so easily with fabric and thread.  now there is a birthday wish to dream on!


  1. Leo's are the best.........I got Quilt Lovely for my birthday too.............its a beautiful book............

    1. it is wonderful.....first i have heard of this quilter writer...

  2. What a wonderful surprise package, Grace! I'm glad you have a birthday fairy! : )

  3. I can easily believe 1800 people, and an constantly surprised when people try and say that quilting is a dying craft. UH no actually it is thriving and growing stronger. Belated Birthday greetings and have fun with the goodies

  4. Grace, you inspire me to sew, as you persevere in the face of any obstacle that dares to cross your path! You will love the pins.


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