Thursday, August 27, 2015

i took the pledge...

this sew along has exploded with now 1900+ enrollees, some of whom have jumped the gun and started their blocks...not me, and so i decided to commit and NOT start my blocks until it's time.  yes, i have fondled my book and CD, yes i have downloaded the patterns, yes i have my foundation papers at the ready, yes i have some mod fabrics set to go, but with things still in flux a bit, don't want to have another project in progress that might be waylaid somehow.  thinking positive thoughts that i WILL be in an apartment before this starts with ALL my stash at the meantime, will keep on keeping on until that wonderful day off for some birthday gallivanting!


  1. That is quite the incentive to hold off, I'd say.
    Enjoy your gallivant! : )

  2. There will always be gun-jumpers; this look like fun, I applaud your restraint!

  3. Happy Birthday you wonderful old lady!!! (From another old lady)


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