Friday, July 31, 2015

so darn cute!

here are the latest summer sampler blocks....gotta say i am lovin these cute little if you know me, you know that i am not a world class machine piecer....there has been a lot of improvement in this technique over the years and think these have come together pretty well.  pictured also is the background/sashing fabric i'll be using on this little sampler.  it's a paula barnes civil war dark blue with a hint of gold so just right for these red/gold that august is here, don't imagine there are too many more weeks...maybe one?  i thought i counted 36 blocks all together....this has been one fun sew-along, just like the little alphabet piece earlier this year.

hoping you can see the pretty reds and golds i've used.   the graphics card on my laptop is on life support and everything is in shades of purple, so difficult for me to know if the colors are right.  and did i say "year" earlier?   unbelievable that august is here....summer winding down, not  many UFO finishes at all with several new ones for next year and no retreat for me this year.  it's been a whopper of a messy one so far, but still enjoyable....well, mostly....and far better than many i'd guess.  many gratitudes and blessings so far....excited about those to come!  


  1. Yes, yes, they do look lovely as golds and reds! I can even make out a wee bit of the blue that the blocks are laid out on and it looks great!

  2. These colors are great together! Nice job on the blocks, Grace. I can't wait to see all of them together.

  3. They're really, really nice; rich colors combining on that subtle background; bound to be a winner! I've got a way to go to catch up w/ week 8, but I will! ;)


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