Friday, July 24, 2015

more stars...

finally done are paisleys (bottom row), california golds (top right), one quercitron (middle), one pillar.....2 more pillar are ready to sew, one gnarled branches to be cut/sewn....after these are done, it's finish up chintz blocks (already to sew) and cut/sew indigos....that'll get me just about current with the exception of a couple of chrome yellow and poison greens, plus the conversation prints.  those fabrics i know are in my boxed-up stash so holding off for the unpacking.   hoping to devote a whole day next week to the summer sampler and get that current as well....won't be as daunting a task as the blocks are smaller and fabrics all on hand.  *** not sure about you but am thinking will have enough of the brackman stars for maybe 2 looking at a few different settings for next year when they are all done.   ***  it's been cool here past few days, probably due to overcast skies....heat is coming next week so will be hanging out near a/c and sewing probably.   other than this, not much shaking....midsummer calm scrappy sewing.....blissful and rejuvenating all at the same time....enjoy the day!


  1. Love your stars, but I love repros.......I spent a little time in my sewing room early this past week, got one section of a spider web block done then it was back outside to get stuff done in the cool weather! Hope to share at least one block soon........enjoy your day Grace!

  2. Those stars are beautiful! I just love your paisley's, they are gorgeous. Your little wall hanging is sweet!


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