Thursday, July 16, 2015

more star fun!

still catching up on are the woven plaids...ooh i love plaids!  plus 2 more little squares for the summer sampler.  plus have lots more squares cut for the scrappy 9-patches too.  being able to play in the stash has been a real boost to my mood and greatly increased my ability to carry on.  quilting truly is therapy!  that's not to discount the benefits of regular, adequate sleep!  and thanks to the generosity of another quilter, will be able to play even more....a surprise package arrived yesterday with a huge scrappy selection for future sewing pleasure.  i'll be sharing some of this with other quilters, of course, and paying it forward whenever possible.  it humbles me to be part of a community of sewists with such varied interests but similar in our regard for one another.  time's a wasting so it's back to playtime!     


  1. Your stars look terrific and it's so good to hear you feeling on top of your game again!

  2. Grace, I can truly feel your excitement when I read your post, it warms my heart to see you happy again! A "squishy" package is always a fun treat, the next best thing to your surprise package was receiving the latest Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine today looking forward to relaxing and dreaming!

  3. So glad to read the joy in your post.
    I really love the stars in plaid!

  4. Beautiful stars! Great to see you yesterday. Always fun at Cyndi's!


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