Tuesday, July 21, 2015

it's THAT time again....

course, it seems nearly EVERY day is a scrappy one for me....playing in the scraps keeps me busy and off the 10 most wanted list don't ya know....LOL....so, decided to *TRY* and bust more of my wonderful scrap stash with a cute little handwork project, portable to take along while waiting or whiling away the summery days.   bottom photo is just a tryout layout shot, so might change.  cute little hearts appliqued onto shirting background.  the background squares were in that $2 bundle from the thrift and the hearts were anonymously gifted.  it'll be a cute small quilt when finished.

only 10 days to august; another birthday month has just about rolled around again.  you can probably guess what gift is at the top of my list......my senior apartment!  wouldn't it be spectacular to be able to spend my birthday unpacking and getting settled in my new digs AND celebrating with my daughter and her hub too?  priceless.....we could go to chick-fil-a!   lol.....


  1. I hope you get your birthday wish! Do you need anything?

    1. just that call from the leasing committee...then i am good to go!

  2. That is a very cute little heart quilt!
    Really hope your birthday wish comes true!

  3. I love the homespun plaids with the florals on those hearts. Keep badgering that housing authority with phone calls because you've earned the right to annoy them for a change.

  4. I'm so hoping your birthday wish comes true for you!


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