Wednesday, July 8, 2015

civil war fabric buff?

went to my local reproduction shop for my row by row pattern and guess what?  she is having a SALE!  that is right...if you are in new england any time in july, you MUST stop in for your fabric fix.  yes, it'll be a scenic drive out in the country but well worth the trip.  it's bolt fabrics only and you must purchase a yard minimum and, oh yes, the new jo mortons are in too....and the name?  why BUSY THIMBLE, of course, in Litchfield,, she doesn't pay me for this notification, just a fan of civil war fabrics is all.   you will thank me, i'm sure!


  1. Do so wish I could get there one day. We had planned to go next time I visited DD#1, but it is a long drive with a new baby. Maybe next time. : )


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