Monday, July 27, 2015

a plan!

been working on these little bow tie blocks for some time now, originally started to use up scraps  (i hear that snickering....) but as often happens, probably have MORE solids now than when i started.  as i've been sewing them up, wondering how to actually use them in one or more projects and have finally formulated a plan.  first, will sew them together in blocks of 25 ties; then set them off with 2" sashing...probably charcoal or black....with scrappy solid 4-patch corner squares(or maybe little bow tie blocks?)...can you picture it?  will need 300 little bow tie blocks....most of which are in a box someplace, so for now will only sew rows together to get a good mix later.  have sketched it out and put the paper in the busy box as inspiration.  anxious to see the flimsy together which'll happen once all blocks are in one place...LOL!  feeling relieved now that there is a plan in place.  they are still homeless like me for now, but soon we'll be together.....won't that be fun?  **** now there are 10, meaning while i had 6 blocks to catch up for the summer sampler, 4 more posted today makes it 10.  this must be my task this week, to get all or most of these done.  have roughed out diagrams and written down how many of what size/color to cut for the will tackle the 4 new ones from today.  already have my fabrics together--reds, golds and some kona snow--will make a good project for later in the week when triple-H weather arrives--hazy/hot/humid.  another plan!  what are YOUR plans for today/this week?


  1. The bow ties are very clean and crisp looking in the solids.
    Today I did some hand quilting on a little wall hanging. I may hit the machine for a little piecing before hitting the hay.
    We are supposed to be in the 30s tonight and the 70s tomorrow. So not normal. But it starts to climb after that and within two days we are back in the 90s. At least we don't have the humidity you endure, that makes it feel so much warmer.

  2. I have a red bow tie quilt--I thought it would be a fast project--ha-took me forever.

    Hotter than heck here in the South and August is just a few days away


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