Monday, July 20, 2015

a perfect sewing storm!

in the book, 3 weather systems merged to create the perfect storm...a terrific book and yummy movie (george clooney, remember?)....and so sunday was the perfect storm of sewing for me..even phoebe was nearly smoking, i tell ya!  had to give her time to cool down and get out the oil...and here are some photos to prove it. 

first up some little inchie blocks made of solids....solids make me swooooon!  aren't they cute?  i have more in the storage stuff and these will make a nice border at some point i think....

next, more summer sampler blocks...i didn't do all of these on sunday but they look nice together and i am "almost" caught up with this sew along....until today that is...

last but not least, some scrappy 9-patch blocks from a giveaway stash....i love them...not complicated but i have a nice setting planned and they will make a nice repro quilt for me or somebody at some point...also in the top photo you can see more stars blocks cut out, so am slowly getting up to speed with this sew along as well.   **** as a last comment, wish to thank all who have sent me fabric; the top and bottom photos are made from these lovely gifts...cannot tell you how far they have gone to boost my spirit and jump start my quilty mojo.   you can be certain it will get paid forward whenever the need arises.  oh, and i have another project started too, a bonnie hunter pattern called 4-patch and furrows....will post a photo when blocks are well under way...and if you think all i've been doing is sewing, take a to see all the pretty colored umbrellas!

oohh, phoebe's calling....gotta go!


  1. That was a great movie *George Clooney* say no more. Sounds like you are having a great time getting up to warp speed.

  2. Wow, Phoebe may need a good lube job after that workout. Or is she a Viking and you don't lube those?
    You really are on a roll, Grace and it is good to see.
    The beach does look enticing. : )


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