Thursday, July 9, 2015

a new day

have FINALLY found a temporary place to crash until my apartment comes thru, and a good night's sleep, a hot shower, my own bathroom and a place to good is that?  was in goodwill cruising for some sheets and this little packet of scraps jumped right into my cart, can you believe it?  me either...but when i saw the shirtings and plaids, it had to stay.  way cheaper than shirts and a good assortment too....a fabulous find!

so busy unpacking the car so it can get a thorough cleaning until it has to be repacked is on the agenda, that and some serious sewing too...oooh giddy as a schoolgirl!  hope your day is as good as i feel right now....


  1. Glad you have found a port where you can anchor for a few days. What a fun thrifty find!

  2. Double blessings upon you with a safe place to sleep and a bagful of pretty scraps! I'm so happy for you!!

  3. I am giddy for you, Grace!! What a blessing to have a place of your own, however temporary it may be. Thank the Lord!
    Scrap bags in a thrift store are always a fun find. Sometimes I challenge myself to create something only from what is in the bag--no added fabric (excepting backing and binding, of course). : )

  4. Terrific to hear that you've had some good news - although I'm hoping that you can find a permanent new home very very soon Grace.

    Sydney, Australia

    1. me too the mercy of senior housing availability but eventually...for now i am so blessed...

  5. Oh I am so happy for you! Hot showers are great but a place to sit and sew is priceless. Good luck with the new apartment when it arrives! Hope to see you at the show.

  6. Yeah, oh happy day. So glad you have a place even if still temporary


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