Tuesday, June 30, 2015

sun is shining.....

even tho fatigue and moments of panic overwhelm at times, but it is almost always only temporary.  was sitting at a gas station the other day and came across this photo and thought there might be some who would find it interesting....if you don't live in maine and you do have maine lobster in your restaurants, this might be how they arrived.  fish also get shipped this way..... these unobtrusive green PVC containers hold riches of the sea....

and this got tucked away in a bag before i could show it....the little tabletopper made for my mum's new place....yeah, needs ironing but it isn't wonky as the photo seems to show and it'll get quilted at some point...this is from the latest American Patchwork and Quilting, a mini version of one of their bed-size patterns.   the book isn't right at hand so i apologize for not naming the designer, but it definitely wasn't me.  nice little pattern.....

and last but not least, the methodist church in a little village had their yearly yard sale and it is always a terrific collection of good stuff cheap.  mom got a TV stand for $2 and a terrific toaster for 25 cents. that's right 25 CENTS!   this little creamer called my name and i think it's simply adorable.....working at NOT accumulating any more stuff that'll need to be transported but this was so small and at 25 cents, just had to come with me. 

the glass is STILL more than half full on a day that holds many blessings....hope you can say that as well.....


  1. I was just thinking about you and then up popped a new post from you. I am glad that you seem in good spirits. I hope you have a speedy resolution to your housing situation.

    I have returned to work after 7 months of being off. It is cutting into my sewing time but I am trying to still do a little every day. I am currently working on the row by row and hope to be one of the early finishers. We shall see!

    Take care Grace and know that many are praying for you.

  2. I'm so glad the sun is shining and the glass is more than half full! : )
    Never having seen how the seafood is shipped, that photo is of interest to me.
    You know, of course, that I love that little mini you made for your Mom. Very sweet!
    Sounds like true bargains abound at the Methodist yard sale.

  3. So glad to hear you are in better spirits today. Love the little quilt top and I wish for you to find a place SOON to set up your sewing machine! Love the pitcher! I have a promise to myself, that for every one thing that comes into my house two must go out. So if I bring in a 5 yard cut of fabric I have to give away two 5" squares! LOL

  4. Continuing to think of you, Grace. I don't know what's happening for you but I'm wishing for a resolution of your current difficulties asap.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Glad to hear from you and to see some of the treasures you have to share, you have been on my mind quite often these past few day.

    1. thanks...avesta has an apt in livermore falls but i cannot imagine living way out in those boonies and nowhere near maryland either...so beggars who can't be choosers will have to go on begging i guess...


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